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PHOSTEC is an European company experienced in innovative growth methods of semiconductor materials. Phostec’s manufacturing portfolio includes but is not limited to following items:

- ingots and wafers such as InP and GaP polycrystalline ingots and soon coming GaP wafers, both produced by vertical gradient freeze (VGF) methods
- custom made graphite parts of various size, deposited with the thin layers of pyrolytic graphite (PG) and/or pyrolytic boron-nitride (PBN), utilizing chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology.

Our activities are primarily focused on the following:
Small exhibition of Phostec’s products - Development of high pressure equipment and technology for manufacturing of A3B5 phosphides

- Development of HT CVD deposition technology (PG, PBN, PSi3N4, PB4C)

- Manufacturing of small PBN crucibles for MBE application

- Manufacturing of different parts from stainless steel and graphite

May 2012 - Start of project "Research of modern semiconductor material and VGF GaP substrates with diameter of 100 mm for the purposes of transformation of CO2 into useful chemicals" with ITMS project code 26220220172. Effective from May 5, 2012.

Launch of Phostec website
On April 6, 2007 Phostec s.r.o. launched its website

Start of Eureka project “New power optics for infrared area based on Gallium Phosphide VGF GaP”.
The project will be solved utilising the international cooperation within Eureka research programme, and will be oriented on the application of VGF GaP in the areas of IR illumination, sensing and high power laser welding.

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PHOSTEC's history and major accomplishments

1996 - company establishment, with the main goal to produce and sell phosphorus based semiconductor materials. Although relatively young company, Phostec was able to capitalize on its talented workforce and on many years of experience of one of its founding member in the field of semiconductor manufacturing. Since its establishment, PHOSTEC has built the state of the art production laboratory utilizing sophisticated air ventilation and filtration systems, DI water station, high pressure reactor and high pressure technological gas lines, digesters and others.

1997-2000 – development and construction of the high pressure reactor and other production equipment necessary for the synthesis of the semiconductor materials (A3B5 group) grown by the Vertical Gradient Freeze method.

2001 - Completion of pyrolytic graphite (PG) thin layer deposition technologies;

2001 - Start of VGF technology development

2004 - Completion of pyrolytic boron nitride (PBN) thin layer deposition technologies on graphite parts.

2006 – Successful production of small PBN crucibles for MBE application

2007 – Successful production start of VGF InP synthesis

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