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There are at least four main areas, where our GaP manufactured by VGF method could be applied:

1. P-source in MBE technology
High purity polycrystalline VGF GaP could be delivered as cut in the form of small cubes.

2. Infra-red optic elements
VGF GaP is very promising material for manufacturing of optical elements in infra-red wavelength range of 800 – 3000 nm. Compared to traditional GaP grown by Czochralski method where crystal defects concentration (EPD) is in the range of 100.000 cm-2, the new VGF GaP has far lower EPD, typically in range of 0 – 1000 cm-2.

The low EPD leads to low absorption of transmitted IR-beams and thus to lower degradation of IR optic elements when high power beams are applied. Possible application areas are high power IR illumination, IR welding, IR sensing and many others.

3. GaP single crystal growth
For VGF single crystal growth or possible even Czochralski single crystal growth we are able to deliver compact polycrystalline ingots as shown below

Presently, ingots with diameter of 52 mm (2”) and approximate weight 1 kg are available, however, we are in the process of developing new synthesis assembly to produce ingots with diameter of 78 mm (3”) and 105 mm (4”).

4. GaP substrates for LED’s manufacturing
VGF GaP wafers technology is still under development and more information will be posted later on during the year 2007.

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